Our Products

Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape

Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape is a new type of Double-Sided tape that breaks the rules, with an incredible immediate bond strength that has to be seen to be believed. Can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces. It will bond to virtually any material, indoors or outdoors including ceramics, brickwork, wood, metal, plastics and PVC. It is moisture resistant and will not degrade with U.V light. Ideal for use in the home, industry, construction, and office. Can be used in many applications to replace drilling, plugging and unsightly screws.

Stick 2 Spray Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber-based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of materials for both professional and DIY use. The product may be used internally and externally for bonding decorative laminates, all types of wood, concrete, tiles, rigid PVC, ABS, cork, linoleum, rubber, foam, stone, metals, cardboard, paper cork and dense fabrics.

Fix & Fill Expanding Foam

Fix & Fill Expanding Foam is a quick-setting polyurethane-based foam which expands greatly on application and yields up to 150% its original volume. Ideal for use in the home, industry, and construction. Can be used in many applications

Evercryl – Grey & Black

Evercryl is a resin based, fibre reinforced roof repair compound which is effective on all common roofing surfaces, giving instant roof repairs even in the wet and on wet surfaces. May also be applied in frosty conditions down to -5°C.

P14 Central Heating System Inhibitor

P14 System Inhibitor is a multi-purpose treatment specifically designed to protect the entire central heating system from scale, sludge, and corrosion and does not contain mineral oil. Compatible with plastic and fibreglass header tanks and with all metals used in central heating systems including iron, copper, steel, brass and aluminium. Suitable for microbore systems constructed from plastic pipes. Ideal for use in the home, industry, and office.

P11 Central Heating System Cleanser

P11 System Cleanser will remove commissioning and flux residue from new systems and restore circulation to old systems which suffer from sludge. P11 System Cleanser should also be used when components are replaced, or existing systems are extended. Compatible with plastic tanks, micro bore and all metals (including aluminium) used in central heating systems. Economical – 1ltr will treat a 100ltr system capacity. Ideal for use in the home, industry, and office.

PE Foam Backing Rod (50m Roll)

Backer rods are pushed into joint gaps to form a uniform and firm base for controlling the depth of gun-applied sealants. The closed cell PE Foam is ideal for water tightness features in construction. It is perfect for Joints between precast concrete panels, Saw cut joints in concrete floors, Peripheral joints around aluminium and timber windows, Around penetrations through walls and floors and Expansion joints between bricks and masonry.

Industrial Superglue GP

Stick 2 Superglue GP is a medium viscosity flash setting industrial grade adhesive based on advanced cyanoacrylate technology, suitable for use on surfaces where fast set is required.