EVERBUILD Construction Products

EVERBUILD is NZ’s superior provider of a chosen range of EVERBUILD UK’s Specialist and Certified Construction, Plumbing and DYI products, including waterproofing systems, sealing, bonding and speciality cleaning products.

Tauranga NZ Based Distribution

EVERBUILD enjoys the benefit of being based in New Zealand’s distribution hub of Tauranga.

Our location enables us to efficiently service the North Island with a trackable overnight courier service for orders received during normal work hours.

The South Island has a standard 2-day delivery.

ISO 9001 Accredited Products

All EVERBUILD products are manufactured and supplied to a stringent quality control system accredited to ISO 9001.

Product development receives the highest priority, with the Company’s R&D laboratory constantly innovating to remain at the cutting edge of sealant and adhesive technology.